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Anton & Anton

The folks over at Anton&Anton, the company known for its high quality food bags and ready-to-eat meals, needed a new twist for their 2021 Easter food bag. Tastery took responsibility for designing the menu and producing how-to videos, to help take the dinner experience to a new level.

Menun suunnittelu on osa Tasteryn konseptointipalveluita, joiden avulla voimme herkullistaa joko uusia tai olemassa olevaa tarjonaasi.

Hands 'N' Pans

With the help of instructional videos, Anton&Anton was able to ensure that every home cook, regardless of their skill level, was guaranteed to succeed with their dinner.

Tastery ads

Tastery ads support the marketing of the campaign and its products. We produced video ads for Anton&Anton to peak people's interest in the food bag.

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