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Arla Pro

Arla Pro, the pro-speaking side of the global dairy company Arla, needed to create actionable messages focusing on the reduction of food waste. We contacted Ina Niiniketo and Jesper Björkell, both of whom cooked up 3 sustainable recipes with us.

Ina Niiniketo has worked not only in Finland but also abroad - for example in Sweden and England.

Tastery TV

Tastery TV brought a youthful, relaxed and entertaining look to Arla Pro's communication. The chefs' little mistakes and quibbles have their place in the videos, because they make the content more approachable and entertaining. Even the pros mess things up a little!

Tastery ads

Tastery ads support the marketing of the campaign. For Arla Pro, we produced short video ads that communicate the feel of the content and give a little taste of what's to come.

Tastery stills

Still images play an important role in food content. In addition to videos, they work well in social media as they can be used to inspire users to watch videos either before or after they are published. 

We capture all images in both vertical and horizontal aspect ratios, so that our clients have the right size photo for each platform.

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