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We act as Järvikylä's content partner in 2022 and again in 2023. In addition to the larger format Tastery TV productions, we produce Hands 'N' Pans videos, still images and commercials. Some of the advertisements are also produced for outdoor advertising.

We are known for making our videos meticulously "on-brand". 

Hands 'N' Pans

With Hands 'N' Pans videos, we created a new, colorful and recognizable look for Järvikylä's different communication channels. Obviously the main point was to show how their green goodness can be used to create delicious foods!

Tastery ads

Tastery ads support the marketing of the content. We produced both video and still ads for the campaigns.

Tastery stills

Still images play an important role in food content. In addition to videos, they work well in social media as they can be used to inspire users to watch videos either before or after they are published. Or just to remind how delicous cooking with Järvikylä can really be!

Valokuvien ja muun tuotannon lavastus on saanut inspiraatiota luonnon ja Järvikylän tuotteiden runsaasta vehreydestä.

We brought in Pyry Räty, who's the Sous Chef or Restaurant Palace, the number 1 restaurant in Finland. 

Tastery TV

Tastery TV brought a youthful, relaxed and entertaining look to Järvikylä's communication.

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