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The purpose of the website is to increase the interest in domestic reindeer meat and inspire its visitors to try cooking it at home. We produced 40 new recipes for the site and its social channels, 10 of which were produced in video. Some of the recipes and still images were published on nationwide magazines.

Tastery stills

Still-kuvat ovat tärkeässä roolissa, kun reseptejä upotetaan verkkosivuille. Ne ovat videoiden lisäksi oivaa somesisältöä, joilla käyttäjiä voidaan innostaa videoiden katsomiseen joko ennen tai jälkeen niiden julkaisun.

We wanted to diversify the range of reindeer recipes, so we cooked stuff like fiery Mapo Tofu with reindeer mince, as well as dried pulled reindeer hot dogs. Of course, we also included some classics with a slight twist, such as reindeer stew with a touch of honey and fennel mashed potatoes.

We tailor-make every aspect of the production: from the colors to the tableware and soundscapes.

Hands 'N' Pans

With Hands 'N' Pans video production, we managed to create straightforward and clean looking instructional videos to help the home cook succeed.

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