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Sirkkalehtimerkki, the organization which primary job is to promote Finnish vegetables and other green house products, needed impressive and inspiring content for 2021 and 2022. In 2021, we produced a total of 52 videos, which we divided into four different categories: portion and side dish recipes and how-to and informational videos. The comprehensive content package made sure that the client had something to publish every week of the year. In 2022 we produced other dozens of more elaborate cooking videos ranging from TikTok-suited vertical videos to wider and longer YouTube videos.

Tastery Docsin avulla pääsemme kurkistamaan, kuinka tuotteita käytetään aidoissa ravintolaympäristöissä.

Tastery Docs

Tastery Docs uses documentary methods to tell how products are used in an authentic restaurant environment and why professional chefs prefer domestic products.

Tastery stills

Still images play an important role for us and our customers. In addition to videos, they are excellent social media content that can be used to inspire users to watch videos either before or after they are published.

We are not scared of using bold colors. In this case it makes perfect sense, since we're marketing vegetables.

Lisuke (2021)

Inspiration doesn't always have to come in complete dishes. Showing the viewrer how to make sauces, side dishes and salads is also a great way to create interest. The threshold for trying them is also lower, as they are so versatile.

Tastery ads

Tastery ads tukee kampanjan markkinointia. Tuotimme kampanjaa varten niin video- kuin still-mainoksia, jotka tarjoavat katsojalle vilahduksen sisältöjen fiiliksestä. Tastery ads toimii usein myös stand-alone-sisältönä.

Tastery Shorts

Tastery Shorts is a vertical format that is moving fast. Shorts fit perfectly on the phone screen and work on different platforms, such as Instagram's Reels and TikTok

Kampanjan reseptien lähtökohtana oli helppous. Halusimme kuitenkin ajatella luovasti, mikä johti innovatiivisiinkin resepteihin.

Hands 'N' Pans (2021)

Straightforward recipe videos celebrate domestic ingredients, such as cucumbers and tomatoes.

Tastery TV:n avulla luomme nuorekkaan, viihdyttävän ja välittömän fiiliksen Puhtaasti Kotimaisen viestintään.

Tastery TV

With Tastery TV, we can show and tell more. We bring interesting and talented people in front of the camera.

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