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Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever is obviously an influential company. We've had the pleasure and honor of producing content for Unilever for two years now: a total of dozens of separate videos and numerous commercials and still images.

Chefs, or talents, can be selected from our network or - as in this case - from the customer’s own roster. This time, we had the pleasure of working with  Unilever's very own Tommi Virranta and Johan and Aino from the Finnish Bocuse d'Or team.

Tastery TV

Tastery TV has brought a youthful, casual and entertaining look to Unilever's communications.

Tastery ads

Tastery ads support the marketing of the campaign. We produced video ads for the campaigns, which offer the viewer a glimpse of the content. For the 2021 campaign, we also produced carousel ads that tell a little more about Unilever's products than what fits in one picture.

Tastery stills

Still images play an important role in our campaigns. In addition to videos, they are excellent social media content that can be used to engage with the campaign.


We are happy to bend the described material into new shapes. Here's a simple montage that works both as a social media post and, for example, as an showreel for a YouTube channel.

Kaikki annokset valokuvataan erikseen lavastetuissa seteissä. Valokuvaaminen ei ole meille sivuseikka, vaan taiteenlaji itsessään, johon panostamme aikaa ja vaivaa.

Tastery Shorts

With Tastery Shorts, we expanded the usability of the footage. It makes sense to cut shorter vertical videos from the full length wide YouTube videos, so that the content has a wider reach across different platforms.

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